jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011

So, I keep on changing picture styles...just out of not deciding how I like to put them up better....and I probably might never settle down on a way XP. I wanted to blog a pair of items from Onyx Noir's winter hunt...a pair of shoes i've fallen in love with..and a lot more.

The hairstyle comes with options for solids and also to color a separate strek in a different color. (Tameless keeps their new releases discounted on their first days). The gingerbread man plushie is part of the Winter Hunt gifts, there's other three of them, all as cute as this one

Hair- Tameless- Nadine
Sweater- Aberrant- Lovin' Feeling Sweater-Cranberry (avaliable at the Black Market)
Skirt- Honey Kitty- Black free dot skirt (free)
Socks- Doppleganger- Scrunch socks White/black polka dots
Boots- Apple May Designs- Sculpted Snuggies white/black
Scarf- FIR&MNA- The Samhain Scarf
Bag- Lou Lou & co- Bloody Mary
Plushie- Dilly Dolls- WInter kid- Ralph- Onyx Noir's winter hunt gift

The second look is based upon the first, just that, being am in the southern hemisphere and here it's almost summer, i felt like making a less warm variation of the first one.

Top- Tarnished- Lady Crochet top Onyx Noir's winter hunt gift
Shoes- Alice Project- Faelin Pumps (mesh)
Bandaid- Pekka- ouchi knee
Deer Plushie- Violent Seduction- Calamity (Pure) (mesh gatcha item)

martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

So, i'm not exactly the most often user of gowns, but i saw this one, and it was so beautiful i couldnt resist giving it a try. There's a lot of work done on the flowers, the sculpts are lovely, and I'm really fond of the slightly sheerness of the inner skirt that you get to see on the side. I tried to contrast the hair it with the piercing and skin...i dont know if i managed to do it, but am really fond of the outcome. I hope you like it too ^^

Hair: Truth- Tamina
Eyes- Cool Beans (closed) Soulful Eyes
Skin: Fashionably Dead- Bird Skin- Shark
Dress- Siss Boom- Sugared Plum
Piercing- ni.ju- Mero Piercing

Location : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Garden%20of%20dreams/126/37/92