martes, 31 de julio de 2012

Vintage Fair

Vintage Fair 2012 is starting this August 4th the event is three sims wide and there's many vendors (like Aura, Trompe L'oeil. coldlogic, Purple moon creatinons..and a lot lot more)  offering fashion, poses, furniture and many other things inspired in many different decades. If you want to know more about the event, please look at: Once the event begins, you'll find a list of surls and a map to help yourself move around the event. And last, but not least, Chic management is holding a flickr competition. You'll find more info about it here and the flickr group is:

 This was my first Vintage Fair 'crush' I saw Jordanna Hamaski from Shabby Chic wearing it as soon as i tped to the venue, and it was just beautiful and unexpected. I know that vintage doesn't just mean 80's , 70's and 60's, but it wasn't what i expected to find as soon as i tped in. The full assemble, which she had on, includes a shirt with ruffles for under the corset and a lovely long shift. But I felt like playing with it and seeing how else it could be worn, and it still looks lovely without the undershirt. It's just very feminine and soft, that the Camille skin from La Petite Morte just seemed the perfect one to go with it. La Petite Morte has made two skins inspired on the Edwardian Era, inside their package you'll find a note talking about the events and inspiration to create them. 

And last, the poses are also from Vintage Fair, by Motionless. It's a six pose pack that comes with a small hud to wear and just go trough the poses (really handy ^^)

Poses: Motionless (Vintage Fair)
Skin:  la petite morte- Camille (Vintage Fair)  
Hair: Elikatira- Play 2
Corset: Shabby Chic- Blue Calico Stays and Lacy Shift (Mesh)  (Vintage Fair)
Bloomers: Shabby Chic- Blue Calico Stays and Lacy Shift  (Mesh) (Vintage Fair)