jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011

So, I keep on changing picture styles...just out of not deciding how I like to put them up better....and I probably might never settle down on a way XP. I wanted to blog a pair of items from Onyx Noir's winter hunt...a pair of shoes i've fallen in love with..and a lot more.

The hairstyle comes with options for solids and also to color a separate strek in a different color. (Tameless keeps their new releases discounted on their first days). The gingerbread man plushie is part of the Winter Hunt gifts, there's other three of them, all as cute as this one

Hair- Tameless- Nadine
Sweater- Aberrant- Lovin' Feeling Sweater-Cranberry (avaliable at the Black Market)
Skirt- Honey Kitty- Black free dot skirt (free)
Socks- Doppleganger- Scrunch socks White/black polka dots
Boots- Apple May Designs- Sculpted Snuggies white/black
Scarf- FIR&MNA- The Samhain Scarf
Bag- Lou Lou & co- Bloody Mary
Plushie- Dilly Dolls- WInter kid- Ralph- Onyx Noir's winter hunt gift

The second look is based upon the first, just that, being am in the southern hemisphere and here it's almost summer, i felt like making a less warm variation of the first one.

Top- Tarnished- Lady Crochet top Onyx Noir's winter hunt gift
Shoes- Alice Project- Faelin Pumps (mesh)
Bandaid- Pekka- ouchi knee
Deer Plushie- Violent Seduction- Calamity (Pure) (mesh gatcha item)

martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

So, i'm not exactly the most often user of gowns, but i saw this one, and it was so beautiful i couldnt resist giving it a try. There's a lot of work done on the flowers, the sculpts are lovely, and I'm really fond of the slightly sheerness of the inner skirt that you get to see on the side. I tried to contrast the hair it with the piercing and skin...i dont know if i managed to do it, but am really fond of the outcome. I hope you like it too ^^

Hair: Truth- Tamina
Eyes- Cool Beans (closed) Soulful Eyes
Skin: Fashionably Dead- Bird Skin- Shark
Dress- Siss Boom- Sugared Plum
Piercing- ni.ju- Mero Piercing

Location : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Garden%20of%20dreams/126/37/92

lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Onyx Noir's winter hunt starts on December 2nd ^^

And Squeek! has a lil gift for it. I've had a blood/dark version of it for Horror Haute some months ago and never released it... I might get them out for this winter..or next summer though. But for this hunt I made a special pattern for it, on an icy light blue and spiders?.

Come look for it when the hunt starts, even if the scarves are put out for sale later, this pattern won't be avaliable. And there's also going to be gifts from other stores at Onyx Noir, so come, visit and explore around

The hunt will go from December 2nd to January 2nd.

miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2011

So, I had a little walk and stumbled upon a quite intresting sim, Humanoid is a beautiful place to relax and explore, there's doors that lead you to different scenarios and there's some other spots you can see down at the ground level. The photographs in this post were shoot in that location, yet there's more than this to see.

I wanted to feature some items from Cool Beans, the store is closing soon and it's having a sale, so it's a good chance to go and visit. The scarf shown is 22769 for the homme hunt, but it was so pretty and matched the eyes so nice I had to use it (they have a male outfit for the hunt-shir, jeans and scarf). And the skin is Al vulo's new group gift, there's no fee to join, you'll find the gift sign close to the landing area

Skin: Al Vulo!- Chen* Blackpearl choco (group gift)
Eyes: Cool Beans- Soulful Eyes-Blue Lg
Hair: Elikatira-Play-Black 04
Bra: Eleanor Riigby- Aztec bra (old hunt item)
Top: Randomcity- Tank Tops- White-Torn-Opaque
Shorts:Cool Beans- Chatty Kathy Shorts- Brown
Scarf: 22769- Silk Scarf Turquoise (Homme hunt- going on now)
Shoes: Sleepy Eddy- Boston Sandal (straw)
Piercing: ni.ju- Snake bites
Earrings: Redskull- Classic Music earring

lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

The Noobie style challenge

So, i picked up the challenge from Gogo because it just sounded like fun, and also because trying to come up with low budget outfits was one of my goals when I started blogging.
Rules were that the whole look should cost less than 550L, and that it had to be stuff that was avaliable currently. And so I did it. I didnt make an alt, but I was really careful and didn't cheat. I realized somehow it is easier to come up with an outfit from existing freebies you gathered, than having to find cheap or free items to put up a style...in other words, it was the oposite process than from what I'm used.

Being it was a look for those starting in SL, and that what we most do then, is exploring places, and shopping, and...well, just being at places where a casual look is apropiate, I tried to go for something relaxed...you probably won't be attending a wedding at your first week on SL...but, I could be wrong.

The shirt is in a gatcha, so is the scarf (but in both cases I only had a single play, as having to have more than a play would add on the budget) The shirt is meant for male avs, though it needs a little of resizing only to work on girls.
The bag is named as a demo, yet its an usable demo, and it somes in two sizes to fit small avatars.

Skin: My Ugly Dorothy -Luckyboard01- 0L
Eyes: Amato- Eyes Marron- 0L
Hair: Wildo-Wildo/M/01- 78L
Shirt: Nerd-Scoop Neck T-shirt no04- 40 L
Skirt- WIldo- Union Jack sk-50L
Scarf: Sweet Leonard- Nature knit Muffler- 40L
Socks: Pig-Argyle Sock M.Suspender-Gary S- 50L
Boots: In her shoes-Warm Winter Boots- 0L

Total: 258L

...more than enough to make yet another look ^^

Have a nice day!

martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

FTLO Hunt- Boo for 2

Ghost head pose: look sharp (for FTLO- hunt gift-find here)

This Hunt was made so that there's 'coupled' items from each vendor. Which means, one of the items is at the event part of the sim, for sale (100L) Then the male or female item that matches it, is at ground level for free.

I loved the entrance idea, and the..erm...'fall' to the event spot. From there you'll find a bat, which also is the hunt item you have to search for, that will give you the lm to the ground location. Have fun hunting ^^

Where to go for the event?? Here ^^

Skin: Al Vulo!- Easy merry widow sikly skin tone (Group gift)
Eyes: Repulse- Demonic v3 eyes (gray) (for FTLO- hunt gift-find here)
Hair: Fashionably Dead - Mary's Magic Hat- Brunette Mermaid
Tights: North west- Ruba tights- treacle
Boots: Miel- Puddle boot- Natural
Necklaces: Bounce- Bat 01 Necklace and Bat 02 necklace (for FTLO- hunt gift-find here)
Lip ring: [ni.ju] Snake Bites

martes, 4 de octubre de 2011


Hi hi, just a short post to show some of the items at Freestyle's Aniversary Event. There's a lot of great things from many designers from around Second Life..so if you haven't yet, you should go have a look ^^

Skin: Mother Goose- Trudy
Tattoo: katat0nik
Hair: Wasabi Pills- Chloe @ 4,44,44
Clothes: 1Hundred- Tube Set @ 4,44,444
Necklace: Lolapop!- El Bujo Necklace @ 4,44,444
Piercing: [ni.ju]- Path to the Underworld @ 4,44,444

domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011

52 weeks of color: week two: Blue

So going on with Luna Jubilee's challenge. This week's came out a lil late...but still on time I believe, it's been a busy week so I couldn't sit to write on this sooner. It's still cold in my part of the world, and I just seem to have the need to put winterwear on almost every outfit, but it also has to do with my little obsession with layers.

So, here it is, week two: Blue

Skin: Rotten Toe- Doll Skin (group gift, join the group(15L), then click the sign to get it ^^)
Hair: Mikan- Zoe
Shirt: Somnia - Dilligaf tee
Skirt: Honey Kitty - polka dot flower skirt (old hunt gift)
Coat: *FIR & MNA* Duffle Coat
Socks: Emery- Socks (free)
Boots: Iren - DSN Hunt (old hunt gift)
Hat: Ay.line - Tulip hat
Scarf: Theosophy- Tycroes Scarf

martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

Growing upside down

I know they are twigs and not roots...but just made me think of that. Wanted to share with you this cute hoodie by Ribbon, which was a subscribers gift some days ago, you surely still can find it if you join the group. Also, the skin worn on the picture, is my first attempt at making a skin, a lot of work still to do about it though.

Skin: Squeek!- work in progress
Hoodie: Ribbon- Twig Hoodie (Subscribers Gift..other versions at the store's Lucky Boards)
Pants: Tea Time (couldnt find it at the store >.<)

viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

jumping on a bandwagon late: 52 weeks of color...grey

Soo, it's started a long while ago, but inspired by Anya Ohmai's post, she's restarting the challenge, thought of jumping onto it too. So, this is my first post of the 52 weeks of color challenge from Luna Jubilee...and i hope to make it trough to the end

Week One: Grey

Skin: My Ugly Dorothy- Suri (LB)
Eyes: np- fairy eyes
Hair: Illusory- Kimmy
Poncho: Aoharu- PonchoCardigan
Dress: Ducknipple- Butter
Leggings: Evol- victorian leggings (closed??)
Shoes: Miel- Varsity kicks
Earmuffs: Artillieri- knit earmuffs
Lipring: [ni.ju]- chain hang nom piercing

martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

...espero que te vuelva a ver

I struggled to title this post. I know stores close all the time, and that is the way SL is, and other stores just open and it's that way all the time. But as everyone else probably knows, Grixdale, Berries and Sweetest Goodbye are closing (Grixdale is gone already i beleive). They are holding sales till they close, so it's good to have one last chance to pick up all those things you liked.
And being I really enjoyed this stores, I felt I could make a lil post about some of my fave items from them.
(when I did the shoot, Grixdale was still open..but couldnt sit down and get the post out earlier because of rl..i'm sorry)
Location: Picnic

Skin: Mother Goose - Trudy III
Hair: Elikatira-Changes
Dress: Grixdale - Sun of a Gun
Necklace: DECO - Recycled Necklace

Skin- My Ugly Dorothy- Sun Burn Skin (old hunt gift)
Hair: esk-ikimo - Vivi Hair
Top: Grixdale- Doll House- Pull Over (closed)
Skirt: Berries Inc - Samba Skirt
Leggings: The Sea Hole- purple polka dot tights
SOcks: [ATOMIC] - Happy Harajuku
Shoes: Frop!- Fugg Boot

Skin: Mother Goosee- Horang LB (lucky board)
Hair: Berries Inc- Lotta smarty
Top: Berries Inc- ( old hunt gift)
Skirt: Berries Inc- Marla skirt
Leggings: Grixdale (closed)
Socks: Arai
Shoes:DECO- Bloom heel
Necklace: LouLou & Co - Odysee

Skin: Mother Goose - Trudy II LB (lucky board item)
Hair: : Elikatira- Say (free)
Plaster: Nekoma
Outfit: Sweetest goodbye- Blazer

Skin: Mother Goose - +YU +LB (lucky board)
Hair: Magika - Cody
Outfit: Sweetest goodbye- School Girl
Bag: rbcg- School Bag

Skin: Mother Goose - Tilly (group gift)
Hair: Truth - Babydoll
Outfit: Sweetest goodbye- Babydoll
Socks: Edelweiss- part of the candy outfit

viernes, 12 de agosto de 2011

Platinum Hunt

Skin: Mother Goose
Hair: Raw House (platinum hunt gift)
Dress: Fishy Strawberry(platinum hunt gift)
Earrings: Redskull
Makeup: Squeek!
Pose/Background: Adorkable (platinum hunt gift)

Soo...I said id blog about stuff I liked from time to time...I said that a year ago though. Everyone who knows me knows I hate pink, terribly, horribly, with all my soul...yet...SL has helped me overcome that matter...I still wont wear it, but I came around this lovely bunch of items, most of them part of the Platinum Hunt Part Deux, so here I'll leave them for you. There's a lot more things in the hunt, a lot of amazing stores are part of it, this is just a few few of them.

Go HERE for all the stores and lms

Hair (left):Elikatira(platinum hunt gift)
Hair (right): Raw House (platinum hunt gift)

Hair (left):Elikatira(platinum hunt gift)
Dress: Fishy Strawberry(platinum hunt gift)
Bolero: The Secret Store(platinum hunt gift)
Socks: The Surf Co
Shoes: Miel

And that's it, have a nice day..and happy hunting

miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

I know I havent been updating here much...as a matter of fact, I havent been updating at all (don't tell anyone...but I forgot my password)
A lot of things have happened in this time, life is sweet, winder is cold down in south america, but....let's just get to the most important part of this post.

Squeek has moved to Onyx Noir, and hopefully will be there for a long while ^^
(Come visit, I put up a lil photo gallery there)

The FTLO hunt is going on at the moment. It's a bit different from the normal sort of hunts, you need to find an item being solf at the store that costs 1L and inside you'll find said item, the hunt item, a clue and a lm to the next store. Meaning you get two items instead of one^^

And this is Squeek's gift for the hunt:

Both the bikini and matching flower will be in the box ^^

And for now, that's it, I hope you have a nice day!

lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

Hello ^^ this is the newest item at Squeek!. A dress in four colors, with resize menu for its prim parts, coming in four colors, plus a fifth one (the light pink) that is discounted and will be up till tomorrow