domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011

52 weeks of color: week two: Blue

So going on with Luna Jubilee's challenge. This week's came out a lil late...but still on time I believe, it's been a busy week so I couldn't sit to write on this sooner. It's still cold in my part of the world, and I just seem to have the need to put winterwear on almost every outfit, but it also has to do with my little obsession with layers.

So, here it is, week two: Blue

Skin: Rotten Toe- Doll Skin (group gift, join the group(15L), then click the sign to get it ^^)
Hair: Mikan- Zoe
Shirt: Somnia - Dilligaf tee
Skirt: Honey Kitty - polka dot flower skirt (old hunt gift)
Coat: *FIR & MNA* Duffle Coat
Socks: Emery- Socks (free)
Boots: Iren - DSN Hunt (old hunt gift)
Hat: Ay.line - Tulip hat
Scarf: Theosophy- Tycroes Scarf

martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

Growing upside down

I know they are twigs and not roots...but just made me think of that. Wanted to share with you this cute hoodie by Ribbon, which was a subscribers gift some days ago, you surely still can find it if you join the group. Also, the skin worn on the picture, is my first attempt at making a skin, a lot of work still to do about it though.

Skin: Squeek!- work in progress
Hoodie: Ribbon- Twig Hoodie (Subscribers Gift..other versions at the store's Lucky Boards)
Pants: Tea Time (couldnt find it at the store >.<)

viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

jumping on a bandwagon late: 52 weeks of color...grey

Soo, it's started a long while ago, but inspired by Anya Ohmai's post, she's restarting the challenge, thought of jumping onto it too. So, this is my first post of the 52 weeks of color challenge from Luna Jubilee...and i hope to make it trough to the end

Week One: Grey

Skin: My Ugly Dorothy- Suri (LB)
Eyes: np- fairy eyes
Hair: Illusory- Kimmy
Poncho: Aoharu- PonchoCardigan
Dress: Ducknipple- Butter
Leggings: Evol- victorian leggings (closed??)
Shoes: Miel- Varsity kicks
Earmuffs: Artillieri- knit earmuffs
Lipring: [ni.ju]- chain hang nom piercing

martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

...espero que te vuelva a ver

I struggled to title this post. I know stores close all the time, and that is the way SL is, and other stores just open and it's that way all the time. But as everyone else probably knows, Grixdale, Berries and Sweetest Goodbye are closing (Grixdale is gone already i beleive). They are holding sales till they close, so it's good to have one last chance to pick up all those things you liked.
And being I really enjoyed this stores, I felt I could make a lil post about some of my fave items from them.
(when I did the shoot, Grixdale was still open..but couldnt sit down and get the post out earlier because of rl..i'm sorry)
Location: Picnic

Skin: Mother Goose - Trudy III
Hair: Elikatira-Changes
Dress: Grixdale - Sun of a Gun
Necklace: DECO - Recycled Necklace

Skin- My Ugly Dorothy- Sun Burn Skin (old hunt gift)
Hair: esk-ikimo - Vivi Hair
Top: Grixdale- Doll House- Pull Over (closed)
Skirt: Berries Inc - Samba Skirt
Leggings: The Sea Hole- purple polka dot tights
SOcks: [ATOMIC] - Happy Harajuku
Shoes: Frop!- Fugg Boot

Skin: Mother Goosee- Horang LB (lucky board)
Hair: Berries Inc- Lotta smarty
Top: Berries Inc- ( old hunt gift)
Skirt: Berries Inc- Marla skirt
Leggings: Grixdale (closed)
Socks: Arai
Shoes:DECO- Bloom heel
Necklace: LouLou & Co - Odysee

Skin: Mother Goose - Trudy II LB (lucky board item)
Hair: : Elikatira- Say (free)
Plaster: Nekoma
Outfit: Sweetest goodbye- Blazer

Skin: Mother Goose - +YU +LB (lucky board)
Hair: Magika - Cody
Outfit: Sweetest goodbye- School Girl
Bag: rbcg- School Bag

Skin: Mother Goose - Tilly (group gift)
Hair: Truth - Babydoll
Outfit: Sweetest goodbye- Babydoll
Socks: Edelweiss- part of the candy outfit