lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

The Noobie style challenge

So, i picked up the challenge from Gogo because it just sounded like fun, and also because trying to come up with low budget outfits was one of my goals when I started blogging.
Rules were that the whole look should cost less than 550L, and that it had to be stuff that was avaliable currently. And so I did it. I didnt make an alt, but I was really careful and didn't cheat. I realized somehow it is easier to come up with an outfit from existing freebies you gathered, than having to find cheap or free items to put up a other words, it was the oposite process than from what I'm used.

Being it was a look for those starting in SL, and that what we most do then, is exploring places, and shopping, and...well, just being at places where a casual look is apropiate, I tried to go for something probably won't be attending a wedding at your first week on SL...but, I could be wrong.

The shirt is in a gatcha, so is the scarf (but in both cases I only had a single play, as having to have more than a play would add on the budget) The shirt is meant for male avs, though it needs a little of resizing only to work on girls.
The bag is named as a demo, yet its an usable demo, and it somes in two sizes to fit small avatars.

Skin: My Ugly Dorothy -Luckyboard01- 0L
Eyes: Amato- Eyes Marron- 0L
Hair: Wildo-Wildo/M/01- 78L
Shirt: Nerd-Scoop Neck T-shirt no04- 40 L
Skirt- WIldo- Union Jack sk-50L
Scarf: Sweet Leonard- Nature knit Muffler- 40L
Socks: Pig-Argyle Sock M.Suspender-Gary S- 50L
Boots: In her shoes-Warm Winter Boots- 0L

Total: 258L

...more than enough to make yet another look ^^

Have a nice day!

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