jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012

Just like Ray Caesar....or Batman

I've had a crush on Ray Caesar's work since I stumbled with one of his pices. A lovely big eyed girl in a mask...which felt unusual and unsetting. I've been seeing many artists create work inspired by this masks since my first encounter with Caesar's work. So when I saw this hair, it made me think of Ray Caesar. Though of course it'd also be a pretty awesome accesory for a catwoman costume also.

This hair and most of the other items shown here belong to Cinema, which starts on october 13th, and as the name says, it's about movies of different genres.
If you want more information about it, please visit:


Skin: MONS / Naamah Skin (Cinema)
Hair+Mask: MINA Hair - Kat (Cinema) 
Dress: [ SAKIDE ] Graceful Dresses Noire & Blanche (Cinema) 
Stockings: erratic / ripped stockings - thigh / black 
Necklace:(fd) Abstract Bird Necklace 


Skin: MONS / Naamah Skin (Cinema)
Hair+Mask: MINA Hair - Kat (Cinema) 
Dress: *Perception* Black Bustier-Dress (Cinema) 
Choker: < Yabusaka > Alphabet Belt Choker 
Stockings: erratic / ripped stockings - thigh / black 

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