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Another from Vintage Fair 2012

As I said on the previous post, there's a few days remaining from Vintage Fair if you haven't been there, you still got a last chance to stop by.

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I didn't want to be Bowie.....if there's something SL has given me, its both the guts to try and mix and match that which i had considered unmatchable at all- and not really mind what everyone else thinks of it!- and also, SL has given me someone that knows about music more than what I'll ever know. So, thanks to her, I learnt that Bowie, his style, and this makeup belonged to something called glam....that had not a lot to do with what the word meant to me. (If you live in south america..you probably know what I mean) So being Bowie required a lot more of info than what I had at hand.

But the makeup was bold, and red, and...there was this big photogenic hair from Tameless...so, forgetting that rule of 'it you do something big and bold with your outfit..keep the rest simple' I just put on both things together...and ..I don't know what anyone else could think, but, it makes me want to go attack a guitar..or a keytar as if I actually knew how to play it

....well..not really..but it does make me want to go dosomething pretty bold...will tell you all..when I figure out what that is

Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.Trudy-III
Hair: Tameless Hair Delilah
Makeup: blackLiquid MAKEUP (Vintage Fair)
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: Loyalty Color Medium
Dress: =Razorblade Jacket= Thrace Military Dress  (Vintage Fair)
Scarf: ...::: Scrub :::... Skulls  Foulard (Vintage Fair)
Shoes: Bliensen + MaiTai - Lindy Hop - Shoes (Vintage Fair)

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